Thomas Regan- Mental Conditioning Coach

Thomas Regan, Msc Bsc is the owner of PsychElite Performance. Thomas earned his sport psychology undergraduate degree at Liverpool Hope University and his sport & exercise psychology graduate degree at the University of  the West of England. He has worked with athletes, coaches and sports teams to aid their sporting performance through mental skills training. “I love Sport Psychology! I was a good athlete but was never good enough to make it profressionally. I was interested in psychology and have always enjoyed sports, I always wanted to combine the two and it is now the career I want to pursue.”

Experience within Sport & Exercise Psychology

Thomas has worked with various individuals and teams. Thomas started to pursue a career in Sport Psychology after coaching football (soccer) in the USA, Hungary and with various childrens football teams. Thomas has worked with Bristol Rovers Football Club, Liverpool Roller Birds and Taylor’s Strength Training delivering various aspects of psychology. Thomas’ areas of current experertise in Sport Psychology are muscle dysmorphia, motivation, growth mindset and relaxation techniques.

Sport Exerperience

Thomas has played football for most of his life and played for various clubs across Liverpool and Bristol. Thomas enjoys playing golf  and has an interest in other sports such as American Football, Ice Hockey, Athletics and Rugby. Thomas also has experience in weight lifting and strength training.