Becky Caslin (World Muay ThaiĀ  Champion, 48kg)- As a professional Muay Thai fighter, I have always been confident in my ability and had never really thought about the use of a Mental Performance Coach. I never really struggled with any sort of nervousness or anxiety until I took my first defeat as a professional, since that I began to question my ability more and always had an uphill struggle with my confidence and self-belief for every fight. It was not until I got offered a world title fight that I knew I needed to see someone in order to perform to the best of my ability and that’s where Thomas came in to my training regime. I met up with Thomas at Taylor’s strength and explained what my issues where and how it affected my mental state. Thomas instantly made me feel very at ease and comfortable; I therefore had no problem speaking and explaining what my issues were which was a first for me as I have never really opened up to anyone about it. Myself and Thomas started by speaking about where the issues and mental problems had stemmed from. Thomas was able to adapt mental skills training and techniques in order to suit my needs, he made me see things from a very different perspective. It was not until I had my sessions with Thomas that I then realised just how important mental preparation is for any type of sport. I always felt the benefits from Thomas’s sessions afterwards but the fight on Sunday was where I realised just how much I actually benefited from the help from Thomas. I usually feel sick to the stomach with nerves, I question every single thing, but instead I was the most calm, relaxed, confident version of myself that I have been since I can remember. I firmly believe that without the help from Thomas, I would not have been anywhere near as good for this fight, I felt so confident in my own ability and remembered every single thing that Thomas had told me, even when I did have a little doubt here and here I remembered techniques that we had learnt and those thoughts instantly went. Going to Thomas was the best thing I ever did for my world title fight and I firmly believe that without him things could have been very different, I have now realised just how important mental preparation is and I will continue to work with Thomas for the foreseeable future in order to be the best athlete that I can be.


Danny Taylor (Business owner of Taylor’s Strength& Fitness-I’ve been working with Thomas from PsychElite since the founding of the business and he’s been a pleasure to work with.

Thomas is part of our internship programme where he connects with our other staff and clients at Taylor’s Strength Training in Liverpool. I can say confidently that Thomas has brought out the best in the members of our gym and powerlifting teams who have needed the psychological edge of sports performance.

I’ve personally attended one of Thomas’s workshops on anxiety management and it definitely helped improve my ability to micro manage the stresses of running a gym business, being able to perform as a competitive powerlifter and balancing my personal life.

I hope Thomas is a part of our team for years to come and would highly recommend his services to anybody, he’s professional and motivated to help you in any way possible



Jenni Crimmins (Powerlifter) “Thomas really helped me when I was struggling to train post injury. My confidence had taken a massive hit but I was also really frustrated with myself that I was taking so long to build my strength back up. He listened to me and eased my fears, made me realise I was being much too hard on myself. I also went to a relaxation seminar where Thomas demonstrated some great techniques to ease anxiety and nerves. I used these techniques recently before I competed to make sure I was relaxed enough to get enough sleep! I can’t recommend Thomas enough!”