Individual Sessions –

Individual sessions help athletes on a one-on-one basis that will aid mental skill training for your sport. Psychological issues that are impeding your performance can be helped with our team. The Psych Elite team will create sessions that are indivudalised for your psychological training needs.

Team Sessions-

Team sessions at PsychElite Performance are very experiential and interactive. Giving the athletes an oppurtunity to learn from each other. Team sessions are a great way to increase team cohesion/ dynamics, creating a supportive environement, and aiding communication to help increase their mental skills training together. Team disscussions allows athletes to understand their teammates and increase feedback within the team.

Guest Lecturer/Workshop and Clinics-

Workshops and clinics aim to educate athletes, coaches and indivduals to aid their psychological wellbeing and sporting performance.

Psych Elite Performance also caters for other avenues of performance, not just sport. For example, performing arts, business’ and actors.



Stay in the comfort of your home as PsychElite Performance can consult via Skype. If you are too busy or cannot make it to sessions then it can easily be done online